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The Origin of roofing decoration

It is said that roofing decorations disseminated from the Silk Road to China where they became influenced by Chinese culture.

In about the 8th century it spread across Japan, and people have seen it as a protective talisman or deity from bad luck, such as fire or any other kinds of harm. Roofing decorations are an important symbol of traditional Japanese houses, temples, shrines.


The founder of Morikuni Co., Ltd. was a skilled craftsman who ran a sheet-metal company. He succeeded in industrializing sheet-metal roofing decoration with rich craftsman technology. Since Morikuni Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976, we have provided revolutionary metal sheet products for Japanese roofing decoration, which in the past were hand-made by metal craftsman everywhere in Japan.
*The founder of Morikuni Co., Ltd. in 1970

Significant features

The roofing decorations by Morikuni Co., Ltd. are made of copper sheet so that they are easily attachable not only to same material roofings but also asphalt shingles. Our roofing decorations are light and excellent in workability; however, most importantly, the changeable roofing angles of them make it easy to fit all sorts of roofing.


Even though the number of skilled Japanese metal workers is falling, we are proud to continue this fine art by marrying old world craftsmanship and new world technology. Our own technology which was acquired over the years can match any customer needs or requests.


It is our strong desire to introduce Japanese traditional Japanese architecture to a large international audience. We look forward to increasing our product line which is not just traditional but ‘traditional with new technology’.


To assure the finest quality and craftsmanship, our employees are continually updated with the latest metal working techniques through education and training.