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Shiachihoko 鯱

About Shiachihoko…

Shiachihoko is an imaginary fish which has a tiger head. Placed on each side of a roof, Japanese see it as a protective talisman or deity of the house just like Morikuni.

Shiachihoko is believed to keep enemies away from the building, sends rain, and belches water to put down fire when the building is on fire.

Especially in Japanese castle architecture, Shiachihoko is an essential ornament.
Two sizes are available. See the comparison below with a typical kimono wearing man.

Shiachihoko 15in type

Product information

Material Copper Sheet
Thickness 0.8mm=0.0315" (<№21)(<24oz)
Color N/A
Weight 3Kg(6.6 lbs)
Construction example

Shiachihoko 28in type

Product information

Material Copper Sheet
Thickness 1.0mm=0.0394" (<№19)(<32oz)
Color N/A
Weight 11Kg(24.3 lbs)

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